AI Powered Conversational Chat Bot
Smartbot provides an AI-powered chat platform that allows your customers to engage in human-like conversation experience.

Organizations face a range of challenges as they tend to design and deliver customer experience strategy on both organizational and technological level. Organizations struggle to overcome a number of hurdles from lack of financial resources to trying to keep pace with customers’ technological expectations

At strellio we believe that chatbot is the next level of customer/enterprise engagement technology.

This is why we have developed Smartbot to streamline and automate the low-level tasks that consume most of your workforce’s time and also to enhance productivity, reduce human-errors and enable faster response to customer needs.

Smartbot offers your clients and customers to interact with your brand both on your website and facebook messenger.

Smartbot allows your customers to ask for products, information about orders and delivery and many more. It basically assist your customers when they visit your store.

Also base on your customers’ interactions with Smartbot, it is able to know products customers are interested in and for that matter recommends products to them.

How Our AI Powered Chat Bot Can Help

Smartbot stays ahead of the curve with providing AI powered conversational chat bot solutions. Our success has us leading the pack among our competitors with our ability to anticipate change and innovation.


Gain Customers

We provide customer acquisition channels through our digital marketing services integrated into our customer-focused chatbot

Engage Customers

Our focus is making your customers happy and we achieve that by guiding, helping and engaging them when they visit your store

Retain Customers

We employ customer retention strategies by making sure customers are satisfied which keeps them coming back to your store

Drive Sales

Smart bot recommends product based on customer interest through our digital marketing channels which helps drive sales significantly

Shopping Assistant

Smartbot assists your customers in looking for products they want, information about orders and many more when they visit your store